With all the¬†features you’d want in a tablet plus¬†a few more you might be wishing for, you’ll want to check out the brand new binj XS Android tablet, which remarkably starts under $250.¬†With similar features to popular tablets on the market but at¬†a fraction of the price, the binj XS is making¬†it easier for more families to own a speedy, full-size tablet with a vivid ¬†high-def screen.

You’ll get 32GB of storage for your favorite movies, games, and photos, with the ability¬†to expand to 128GB in case you need extra space. And the onboard HDMI means you can plug your binj XS tablet directly into any¬†big screen — ¬†a feature¬†you won’t find on¬†other popular tablets.

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binj xs: a full-powered hd android tablet for under $250

Parents will love having¬†access to the millions of Android apps for the whole family¬†in Google Play, as well as all the free educational content through the binjTV web app that’s compatible with your desktop computer, too.

If you’ve wanted¬†an Android tablet¬†but haven’t been¬†crazy about¬†the price tags, the binj XS tablet might just¬†be what you’ve been looking for.

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This has been a sponsored message for the binj XS tablet.

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