Whether your travels this year take you halfway across the world, to your favorite beachside resort a few hours away, or to the campground you’ve been visiting since the kids were toddlers, I’ve found an easy, beautiful, and free app for iOS that will help you remember your trip long after the suitcases have finally been unpacked.

The free Bonjournal app is a sort of blank-slate app that isn’t all that different from a real paper journal I would normally toss into my carry-on before a trip. But, the nice thing about Bonjournal is that I never need a pen to start writing, I can edit it at any time — even from my laptop — I can write as long as I’d like, and I can include some of my very favorite photos into my entries.

It will even remember the date I posted, something I tend to forget on vacation.

Best of all, I can make any given post private, or share my finished travel journal via email, Facebook, or Twitter with the people who really want to see it instead of forcing all 300+ of my Facebook friends to scroll past every last detail each day. Or, save the entire journal as a PDF that can then be sent to anyone who wants to know more about your fabulous trip to Japan. Or, heck, the Jersey Shore.

Bonjournal free travel journal app for iOS allows you to remember your trip with text and photos that can be shared with family and friends


I plan to upload Bonjournal to my kids’ phones and iPod Touches too, so they can also chronicle our family trip. It will be interesting — and likely very funny — to compare our travel journals after the fact to see which memories we all most want to remember.

Download a free copy of Bonjournal for iOS at iTunes. Also visit the Bonjournal website for more information and to see sample journals.