If you need a five-minute time killer today (because we know you have just oodles of extra time to kill, parents) check out the very fun if questionably¬†accurate Analyze Words. It’s as simple as plugging in your Twitter handle — or anyone else’s — and within seconds, the algorithm generates a graph of your personality based on your past 750-1000 or so words that you’ve put out on Twitter.

Now clearly¬†there are some oddities here — like the @NYTimes account scores low on “plugged-in” (what?) but high for “Spacey/Valley Girl” — perhaps because the word “like” is in some of their tweets?

@CoolMomTech¬†scores a respectable very high for “upbeat” (yay!) and low for “depressed,” but we’re also high for “plugged-in,” “personable,” and, yes…Valley Girl.

(Is Valley Girl even still a thing? Guess so.)

Fun Tweet analysis program: Plug in your handle, see your twitter style

So of course we had to compare ourselves to @KimKardashian, only to¬†discover that we whomp her¬†on”Valley Girl.”

And, by the way, so do @PaulKrugman and @POTUS.

Guess we’ll all¬†have to tweet more about our boobs or something.


Check out the¬†Analyze Words¬†website which uses the text analysis program Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) to determine your social media personality and tone. No idea if it factors in emoji, but it seems that it doesn’t, probably because they’re not words.¬†

h/t Big Spaceship Internet Brunch

photo: damien zalesky via unsplash

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