There are times when the brightness of my iPhone flashlight is helpful — like, when I’m helping my kids look for their forgotten shoes outside in the dark, or I can’t read a darn menu in a restaurant. Then, there are times when a little bit of diffused light would be nice, instead of a blinding glare. That’s where Italian designer Nazzareno Ruspolini’s adorable Ibat-Jour iPhone lamps come in.

These tiny translucent lamps clamp to the side of your phone and give off a soft glow when your flashlight is on. Brilliant in every sense.

The tiny Ibat-Jour lamp slides onto your iPhone for an adorably soft glow at night.

Ibat-jour lamps for your phone come in 4 adorable designs.

Sure, this could be really useful for reading at night when your partner is asleep, or giving the kids a night light with an old iPhone you’re not using anymore.

That said, these may mostly just be about cuteness. And I’m totally good with that.

Each lamp is 3D-printed by the artist, so you’ll have to contact Nazzareno for info on how to get one for yourself. 

h/t design milk