If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the tech geek in your life who also happens to love stylish, modern home decor (in other words, they love 8-bit Pac Man but don’t need a wall mural of it) then we’ve got your back. I found these incredibly luxurious merino wool throws by Zuzanaga that I think make the perfect gift for the nostalgic tech-lover in all of us.

Each of these bitmap blankets are actually real maps of cities including New York (just below), Tokyo, Shanghai, and Barcelona. Only each one is zoomed in hundreds of times to create the cool pixelated patterns.

Tech meets home decor, in these cool bitmap blankets by Zuzunaga.

This bitmap blanket actually is a pixelated map of Barcelona by Zuzunaga. Geek chic home decor!

Geek chick decor: Colorful bitmap blankets made with superfine Italian merino wool, by Zuzunaga.

These blankets are knit in Spain from superfine Italian merino wool. Soooo soft. And they’re really big for a throw blanket, about the size of a queen bed. I imagine these would be incredibly luxurious on a trans-Pacific flight to Tokyo or Shanghai, or just sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee while I catch up on Veep.

And yeah, about that price tag. They’re on the spendy side for sure.

While a $400 throw blanket isn’t in my budget right now, maybe it will be soon because I really love these. And hey, if you’ve got the budget, I say go for it. I’ll live vicariously through you. Or just invite me over! We can play Pac Man together.

You can find all the Zuzunaga Bitmap Blankets at Horne. Be sure to click around, because each city’s design comes in two cool color schemes.