We have an ongoing debate around here, knowing that GIF is supposed to be pronounced like the name of a popular peanut butter brand — but still having trouble saying it that way, considering the G stands for graphics which would indicate a hard G. You get our conundrum, right?

If you’re not rolling your eyes at our total nerdery-slash-pedantry right now then you’ll appreciate the GIF peanut butter 8-bit t-shirt I just saw at Eternal Weekend which is totally cracking me up.

If you really want to go for it, pair them with the peanut butter and jelly leggings at the shop. Just know that sadly, the tees only comes in mens/unisex sizing. Perhaps in a sign of protest that choosy dads choose GIF too, dammit. But probably not.

Hey, jiv it a try. You might think the GIF shirt is jreat, too.

Find the GIF peanut butter 8-bit t-shirt and tons of other very clever, well-designed shirts at Eternal Weekend, many of which you do not want around the kids.