With three kids ranging from preschooler to tween, time management is always an issue for us. Especially when it comes to trying to cajole my youngest to adhere to the demands of the older siblings’ hectic schedules. (Sadly, trying to tell a toddler that we’re going to be late never seems to be all that effective.) Which is why I am so excited to see the very clever Octopus wearable that recently launched on Kickstarter.

Considering the campaign hit its $50K funding goal in less than three hours (!), it’s a good indication that we’re not the only ones excited about a new way get kids learning better time management skills.

Perfect for little ones who can’t tell time yet, Octopus gently teaches them about scheduling by tying tasks to simple graphic images. Basically you use the coordinating app to choose from more than 600 icons that you can designate for any given to-do, like waking up, sleeping, playing, eating, or bathing.

So if your preschooler needs to wash up for dinner at 5:30, feed the dog at 6:30, and brush teeth at 6:45, a combo of an alert and the image prompt will help get them on schedule in a way that’s more fun for them than parents yelling.


Octopus kids' wearable is a new way to teach even preschoolers about time and time management



Octopus kids' wearable teaches kids 3-8 about time management using icons and alerts

Octopus kids' wearable teaches kids 3-8 time management with the help of a cool companion app

I like that the watch is usable for slightly older kids, too, even when they are telling time, since you can change the watch face to display a digital hour and minute hand. For grade schoolers who have more responsibilities, you can start adding in reminders for chores, homework, and more. And when those tasks are accomplished, kids can earn rewards within the app if you activate the gamification — which you probably will. Because what good is doing anything these days without a reward for it?

(That’s a joke.)

While the manufactures say it’s for kids 3-8, we’d say probably 6-7 is more realistic. Any older and kids will want more of a big kid watch — although this one is pretty cool.  It’s also water-resistant, which gives you one more reason to set the alerts for after dinner dish-washing duty.

For more information, check out the Octopus Kickstarter campaign which ends July 22. Pricing for the watch starts at $59 – the $49 pledge level is sold out – and expected delivery is March 2017.