Of course tech innovations are making their way to the traditional BBQ now too, and if you don’t have the space for an outdoor grill, I’ve found a solution in the Kenyon SilKEN Grill which keeps your grilling game on all year round.

This portable electric grill is less than two feet wide and weighs a little more than 20 lbs, making it perfect for any countertop or outdoor space, no matter how compact.

It’s even perfect for that yacht of yours docked in the marina!  (Seriously, the company made an appearance at the Dubai International Boat Show earlier this year.)

What’s most impressive though isn’t the portability but the way it cooks. My husband tends to be the grill master of the house, but with the Kenyon, I felt pretty confident in sharing that title, at least for a night. It’s so easy to operate with a single dial for controls, it gets impressively hot — around 500 degrees — so there’s really nothing I haven’t been able to grill on there.

I stuck with good old fashioned burger, achieving those beautiful grill marks and all. But there are so many awesome grilling recipes all over the Internet to get you inspired. (Hint: Cool Mom Eats.)

the Kenyon portable SilKEN grill is life changing if you want to grill indoors and out, all year round.


If you’re using the grill inside, it’s flameless and smokeless so you don’t have to worry about fanning the smoke detector while you wait for your steak to finish, something I have totally done with grill pans and our Kenyon silKEN Grill predecessor, the George Foreman. And parents will be reassured that the innovative silicone lid keeps it cool to the touch and safer around little fingers, plus it collapses down for easy storage. Like on that yacht.

It’s pricey at $649, so this comes down to how much you want to grill but are limited by your space, and what you’re willing to pay for that privilege.  I just try and think of all the great burgers and meals I wouldn’t have to buy at restaurants — all year long no less — and if you can afford it, that alone makes it great investment. And investing in good food is always at the top of my list.

Mmmm, meat.

The Kenyon silKEN Grill is available from the company’s website. Thanks to the company for providing CMT a unit for review consideration. Also, check the site for big summer specials now through 7/5!