I’m all for getting a jump on back to school shopping even though my kids don’t start back for another month or so. And with one kid entering middle school (eep!), I’m thinking a laptop backpack might be the way to go.

We’re big fans of Speck smart phone cases, so I was excited to see their new line of laptop backpacks, with 4 different options depending on your price range, laptop size, and amount of binders, and amount of tween and teen stuff that needs to be carried. Plus, a 3-year warranty, which we parents greatly appreciate.

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The cool new Speck laptop backpacks, just in time for back to school

1. Velocity laptop backpack: Features an inside sleeve for up to a 15-inch laptop, plus a front pouch with room for an e-reader or iPad, plus any quick access items. ($39.99)

2. Stingray laptop backpack: Pretty similar to the Velocity, this backpack has a few extra inner pockets for kids who want to be extra organized. ($49.99)

3. Deck laptop backpack: There’s a little more room overall in the Deck, including a quick-access zippered pouch that fits a smart phone, earbuds, and charging cable. I’m not a super fan of the big logo down the front on this style, but the features might outweigh that one downside. ($59.99)

4. Kargo laptop backpack: If they’ve got a hefty laptop (like 17 inches), the Kargo is the way to go. It’s also TSA-friendly, so perfect for travel if you just want to zip through security without whipping your laptop out of the bag. ($69.99)