As vigilant as I am about applying (and reapplying) sunscreen on my kids and myself, it’s inevitable that I missed a spot — usually on myself — and I’m left with a sunburn patch. But this new gadget could totally change that, and help keep us all a whole lot safer in the sun.

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Sunscreenr is a small, handheld gadget that shows you where you’ve missed a spot when applying sunscreen, and where it’s worn off after you’ve been in the pool or ocean, or just sweating in the heat of the sun. And it does so with a teeny UV camera that actually lets you see UV light.

Sunscreenr uses a UV light camera to show where you've missed applying sunscreen or where it's worn off

Here's how Sunscreenr works to show you where you've missed applying sunscreen


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Just power on the gadget and look at someone who’s applied sunscreen through the viewfinder to check. Or, if you’re alone, you can record video, then watch it back to see how you did.

I’ll be curious to see the pricing of this gadget when it officially launches, because right now it’s at about $100, which might feel a little high for a tiny gadget that hangs off your keys, even though it’s clear the technology is quite powerful. And, I wonder how it will work on darker skin tones, where the contrast of UV light might not be as striking.

For now, we’ll need to wait for Sunscreenr to finish production near the end of the year, to truly put it to the test. But if it does work and becomes more accessible, it could be a game changer for skin cancer prevention, and keeping kids, and well, everyone much safer in the sun.

(via Mashable)