My kids are obsessed with Aphmau, the hugely  popular YouTuber, Vlogger, designer — and mom, by the way — who creates the Minecraft roleplay videos they devour like I used to watch, oh, Captain Caveman. I happened to click on the Aphmau Maker Shop link from her Twitter profile while my kids were over my shoulder, and that was the end of that. They are now obsessed with her kitty backpacks — and the knowledge that Maker Shop has tons of items designed by popular gamers and vloggers.

And by popular, I mean you may not recognize their names and characters, but your tweens and teens probably will.

If they haven’t yet been able to find the perfect backpack or lunch box or wardrobe essential in our back to school guide (what?!) then this may be the place to go.

Gamer + Vlogger products kids will love from Aphmau, Stampy Cat, Flippin Katie, and more | Maker Shop

Just a few picks that caught my eye: check out the watermelon pencil case from gymnast Flippin Katie or a set of cute backpack buttons; a pattern backpack from gamer Aureylian, a zombie dragon plush and matching tee from Wowcrendor, or a smirking Stampy Lunchbox or kids’ Stampy tee.

(Yes, as in Stampy Cat. Cue thousands of screaming young Minecraft fans, Beatles-style.)

Of course some online personalities are a little more … irreverent than others, so as parents, you might want to double check what your kids are asking for. As for my own, they need to see no more than that Aphmau kitty lunch box. Okay, and maybe the Stampy merch.

Check out the selection of back to school items, tees, plush and more from top gamers and vloggers at Maker Shop.