One of the funniest new Message apps now available for iOS 10 has to be Grammar Snob, a sticker app that lets you correct the grammar in your¬†friends’ texts. Grammar police, this one’s for you.

Does the wrong use of your vs. you’re drive you nuts? Go¬†right now and download¬†Grammar Snob app from the App store. Then,¬†head over to the offender’s text message to put it to use.¬†Click the app icon (looks like an “A” on the right), and swipe until you see Grammar Snob (it automatically uploads there after you purchase). You’ll then want to scroll through all the corrections until you find the one you want to make, then¬†press and hold on it, which will allow you to¬†drag it up to the spot on the text message that needs to be fixed.

Once you let go, your newly enlightened friend will now see the mistake he or she made on their phone. Lucky them! 

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Now, as much as missed or added apostrophes drive me a little nuts, I can’t imagine I’d actually use this app for anything but fun with friends.¬†But hey, if¬†you¬†didn’t really like the person, well, I’m pretty sure it’s a guaranteed way to make them never text you again.

You can download the Grammar Snob app from the App Store on your phone for $.99. 

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