The Tile smart tracker has been keeping us from losing our keys for years now, so color us excited about their newest product, Tile Slim, which is sized perfectly for wallets and other more streamlined items.

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If you’re not familiar with Tile, it’s one of those products that once you have in your life, you can’t believe you lived without it. Simply pop it on your keys, attach it to your toddler’s lovey, or hide it in your daughter’s backpack (you get the idea) and you’re able to “ring” it so you can locate it easily. If it’s out of range (about 150 feet), it’ll show you the last location or tap into their community of users to help find it. And, if you press on the Tile, it actually works in reverse; your phone will ring so you can find it.

The new Tile Slim functions exactly like the original product, but for items like wallets, handbags, and laptop cases. It’s double the price, with about a year’s worth of battery life, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re thinking you want to put them in every single bag and wallet in your house. Probably not the most cost effective choice.

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But even at $30 per Tile Slim, it’s a smart investment if you’re prone to losing your wallet, or a very cool gift for someone else who is. Heck, it might be worth it just pop in your kid’s back pocket so you can tell them when dinner’s ready without having to yell up the stairs or to the backyard.

Tile Slim is available for purchase today. Yay!