As if free two-day shipping on almost any purchase and the ability to shop for groceries in my pajamas wasn’t reason enough to join Amazon Prime, their newest feature, Prime Reading, has convinced me to keep on renewing my membership. Prime members now get free access to more than a thousand books, magazines, comic books, and short stories on their Kindle apps.

That means you can now read books like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for free. Hey, we said it was awesome.


Prime Reading: Another awesome reason to join Amazon Prime today.

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I’ve already been impressed with their Prime Video feature, which is how I watch tons of shows I can’t find on Hulu or Netflix, especially original content like Transparent or Mozart in the Jungle. Prime Reading is going to be amazing too, because now I can access Harry Potter or browse Bon Appétit whenever I have some down time. And no, you don’t have to own a Kindle to use this service; you can read on your iOS or Android device using the Kindle app too.

Parents, this is also an amazing trick for teaching kids problem-solving skills. When mine forget the books they need for homework, more times than not they’ve been able to find the ebooks to download on Amazon. Now maybe they can save their allowance money and access them for free.

You can find out what types of books and magazines are available in Prime Reading by visiting Amazon now. Cool Mom Tech is an Amazon affiliate.

Photo at top by Aliis Sinisalu via Unsplash