This morning as I was flipping through my emails on my phone, I discovered an email with a subject “Your Prime membership includes a free Kindle book,” which I clicked right away because who doesn’t love free? And to my total surprise, I actually do get a free Kindle book every single month with my Amazon Prime membership as part of their Kindle First program.

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Kindle First gives Amazon Prime members a free eBook every month

Every month, Amazon Prime members have the opportunity to download one of six upcoming releases completely free. All six books are slated to come out the following month and have been hand picked by Amazon editors. Simply peruse the offerings, and click through to the individual book pages to check out their reviews, then download it to whichever device you have connected to your Amazon account.

And if you’re not subscribed to the Kindle First email, I suggest doing it so you’ll get a notification in your inbox every month. Otherwise, I’m not sure I would remember to go over there and download my book.

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Of course, you do need to be an Amazon Prime member to get the books for free, however, non-Prime members can purchase one of the books for just $1.99, which is still a pretty great price. Here’s to more reading this summer, and hopefully, all year long.

Top image via Giorgio Minguzzi/Flickr Creative Common