I actually stopped carrying my DSLR with me because by the time I could get it out of my bag, I had missed the photo of my kids I was trying to get. And walking around with the camera out in my hands? Not really the safest option. That’s why I’m intrigued by the Cloak Bag.

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It’s part bag and part cape, made from light, waterproof fabric, allowing you to safely (and discreetly) carry your camera over your shoulder, then quickly hold it up to shoot your photo. The bottom section unzips and folds in so your lens is free, while the top flap can just be flipped over so you can see your screen and controls, with just a small pocket for extra SD cards and your lens case.


The Cloak Bag photography bag and cape | Cool Mom Tech

This is such a smart gift for the shutterbug in your life, for everyday use, for travel, for trying to get photos of your kids being adorable when it happens, and not 5 seconds after when they’re not so adorable anymore. Ha. Or hey, it might just be a way for you, like me, to get back to carrying your DSLR again.

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