As much as I love social media, I’m also aware of how scary of a place it can be, whether it’s dealing with annoying comment trolls or full-blown cyberbullying. That’s why I’m really pleased that Facebook has listened to the concerns we’ve all had and responded with their new Facebook Safety Center, an online hub to help keep Facebook users a whole lot safer.

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Once you head over to the Facebook Safety Center web page, you can learn more about all the privacy and security settings on Facebook and how they impact the way you use the website. And you can even run security and privacy check-ups on your own accounts just by clicking the button and following a few prompts. They’ll actually run through your current settings and assist you in tweaking them to ensure your experience is as safe and private as you want it to be.

You can also tap into their resources aimed at preventing and dealing with bullying, which offer help for teens, parents, and educators, as well as the list suicide helplines that you can call if you need support or know someone who does.

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As someone who’s on Facebook almost all day long, and a parent who will soon have kids old enough to be on the site as well, I’m so glad they’re paying more attention to the privacy and safety of their users. Here’s hoping they’ll continue to add more resources to this page on a regular basis. And even more, that other social media networks will follow suit.