When we see a tech trend that could keep our families safer, it definitely gets our attention, which is why we’re so intrigued by smart doorbells, with two in particular that you’ll want to have on your radar.

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The Ding (above) features three parts: A doorbell, a chime, and an app. Simply install the doorbell and place the chime anywhere in the home. Then, when someone rings your doorbell it rings the chime and alerts you on the app, allowing you to talk to the person, whether you’re home or not. This is great for families with sleeping babies and toddlers who are driven nuts (not just me, right?) by people ringing their doorbell at the most inopportune times. But, it can also be an added safety measure if you’re out of town; a burglar hits the doorbell to see if anyone is home and boom, you can say “hello” and make them think you are.


Skybell HD video smart doorbell | Cool Mom Tech

If you’re looking for something a little more involved, take a peek at SkyBell HD, which is actually a video doorbell. So, when someone steps up to your doorstep, you’ll see them whether they ring the doorbell or not, from wherever you are. You can then choose to snap photos or record video (which, admittedly sounds a little creepy unless it’s someone you’re not so sure about), as well as listen and speak to them. The app has a bunch of handy features, from muting the chime to giving you an activity log so you can see the action your doorstep got during the day. And, if anyone steals your SkyBell, they’ll replace it for free.

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Pricing starts at $119 for the Ding (currently a Kickstarter campaign) and $199 for the SkyBell HD, so they are a bit of an investment. But if you’re looking for added safety without installing an entire home security system, purchasing a smart doorbell could be the way to go.