As you might have heard, The LEGO Batman movie is coming to a theater near you this Friday, but right now, you can download the new, free LEGO Batman Movie app so your kids can save Gotham, right on a smart phone or tablet.


The new LEGO Batman Movie app for iOS and Android

Available on iTunes and Google Play, this free app lets kids transform into LEGO Batman (or their favorite character from the movie), where they can do everything from jump across The Bat Cave or the Rooftops of Gotham, to drive their own Batmobile to battle Villain Bosses. Kids will love customizing their own vehicles, like The Batmobile, the Joker’s Lowrider, even Bane’s Toxic Truck, then use them to play the game. Take a sneak peek at see all the action you get on this app.


And just for fun, there’s a DJ Mini Game too, where kids can play along to the music from The LEGO Batman Movie by tapping the beat and matching the rhythm. Hey, even Batman needs a take a little break from fighting crime, and spin the turntables.

Download the free LEGO Batman Movie app at iTunes or Google Play. And catch The Lego Batman Movie in theaters this Friday!

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