We just featured 3 political apps that can help you make your voice heard, but now it can be as easy as hopping on Facebook, thanks to their new Townhall feature.

To use this feature, you’ll need to be logged in on Facebook, then head over to the Townhall page (or look for Townhall in the menu of your Facebook¬†mobile app) which will populate with your state representatives, giving you the¬†option to contact and/or follow them. If you input your street address, which Facebook says they do not share or list publicly, you’ll get a list of your local congresspeople as well.

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Facebook Townhall Feature lets you contact your congresspeople | Cool Mom Tech

By clicking contact on your desktop computer, you’ll get their full address and the prompt to email them. On your mobile device, you can actually call them right from your phone. No extra steps needed.

With so many of us doing our best to stay involved and make our voices heard, this definitely makes it a whole lot easier and much more convenient.

(via Washington Post)

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