Like so many other folks out there, we’re obsessed with The Instant Pot, a hot, new kitchen gadget you might have discovered here on Cool Mom Tech. (And if not, hey, it’s okay, we forgive you. Ha).

Recently, our food editor Stacie Billis put together a quick, handy guide to the Instant Pot buttons, which can make cooking your favorite Instant Pot recipes a whole lot easier, and well, more successful. If you’re just opening your new Instant Pot box this week, or you’ve had it for awhile and want a handy cheat sheet so don’t have to do a Google search every time you’re making a recipe, we’re here to help.

And if you’re feeling extra daring, snap a photo of your delicious masterpiece and tag Cool Mom Eats on Instagram (we’re not on IG ourselves, womp, womp). We’d love to see how it turned out.