As much as we¬†love flowers and chocolate for Mother’s Day (seriously, bring it on) we’d¬†never say no to a an awesome Mother’s Day tech gift. Especially one that recognizes we are basically insane on-the-go multi-taskers who manage our entire lives –and our family’s, ahem — with the help of our¬†phones, tablets and laptops.

From audio accessories, to chic cases, to online subscriptions that¬†make our lives better, here are some fantastic Mother’s Day tech gift ideas¬†for all the mobile¬†moms out there.

Which, to be honest, is all of us these days.

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Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
($169, Beoplay)

I recently fell in love¬†with this gorgeous new portable speaker that does way more than play music. Though¬†considering it’s from Bang & Olufsen, happens to do¬†that amazingly well.


Calm meditation + relaxation app subscription: The perfect Mother's Day gift
Calm App Subscription
($4.99/mo for a 1 year, Calm)
If there’s one thing all moms can use, it’s some peace and quiet. We’ve featured 3 of our favorite meditation apps¬†which are all terrific. But¬†my new personal favorite might be Calm (¬†iOS¬†or Android) which was so helpful in terms of controlling my breathing, managing stress,¬†and even helping me¬†fall asleep more easily that here I am, mom to mom, recommending it wholeheartedly for Mother’s Day.



Monogrammed Tech Clutch
($129, Mark & Graham)

These days,¬†she¬†can’t leave home without a whole lot more than just an¬†Amex card. Which is why this gorgeous leather tech case is such a great Mother’s Day gift,¬†blending practicality and style for any mobile mom. That monogram¬†is the cherry on top.

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A Photo Book from Her Instagram Snapshots
($26.00 on sale at Snapbox; plus 25% off when you subscribe to the newsletter)

If she’s always too busy to get all those photos off her mobile phone (raising my hand), she’ll be thrilled to find them printed in this sweet, affordable lay-flat album. Just know you’ll either have to upload your own, or have¬†access to her Instagram account for easy import¬†Or, just give her a gift card. And the time to finally get it done herself.

Mother's Day tech gifts for the mobile mom: Tory Burch iPhone wristlet. Ooh!

Tory Burch Leather iPhone 6/6+ Wristlet
($175, Nordstrom)

If she likes tech accessories of the designer ilk, this stunner from Tory Burch (also in a bright power red and a gorgeous navy) may be the winning Mother’s Day gift. Use it on its own like a wristlet, or pop it in a tote like a wallet. And pssst…of course it will accommodate¬†plenty of Android phones too.

Mother's Day gifts for new moms: Otterbox iPhone Photo Case | Zazzle affiliate link

Custom Photo iPhone Otterbox Case
($61.50, Zazzle)

Whether she’s a new mom or a seasoned grandma, we love that¬†this¬†personalized case manages to be ultra-protective and sentimental at the same time.¬†Plus, the chance to gaze at an¬†adorable family photo is a perfect excuse to remember to put the phone down more. (And yes, we’re talking to ourselves here!)

Mother's Day tech gifts for the mobile mom: Native Union's collection of marble charging docks
Marble Charging Dock Set
($129.99/iPhone dock + matching cable, Native Union)
Native Union offers an elegant range of marble docking products in white and black, but we’d start with the Dock+ which comes with a¬†matching Apple-approved lightning cable. It’s such a treat having your phone always at your reach on your desk or nightstand, especially when the stand is a thing of beauty in itself. (Also check out the other options in the marble collection including an Apple Watch dock, and a very sophisticated¬†iPhone case.)

Mother's Day tech gifts for mobile moms: One of a kind handmade leather iPad mini case from Urban Heirlooms

One-of-a-kind handmade leather iPad Mini case
($130, Urban Heirlooms on Etsy)

Dana Osborne-Biggs creates such handsome handmade tablet cases in her Norfolk studio, incorporating vintage skeleton keys as closures so that each one is one-of-a-kind. Love! Perfect for a mom who has a thing for vintage style to balance out all that hard-edged 21st century tech. Be sure to check out the other sizes and styles in her shop too.
($129, Amazon)
Our top pick for wireless earbuds over the past year, these very comfy, very high-quality earbuds are¬†perfect for workouts (they’re waterproof!), a subway commute, or for streaming Netflix while her¬†partner is passed out next to her¬†in bed or the baby is sleeping.

Mother's Day tech gifts for mobile moms: A subscription to Hum+ can keep her safe on the raod

Hum + by Verizon
($10 monthly subscription plus one-time activation + equipment fee, or at Verizon wireless stores)

If half her life is spent in the car, a two-year subscription to¬†Hum+ is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift idea. The system¬†combines¬†emergency assistance, vehicle diagnostics, maintenance reminders and speed alerts using her own phone; or upgrade to the Hum x subscription and the car becomes its own mobile hotspot for any little screen junkies in the backseat.

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