We love our portable Bluetooth speakers around here, especially as the warm weather creeps in and we aim to take our favorite music (and ahem, favorite podcasts) outside. That’s why we’re smitten with the brand new Beoplay P2 Speaker — and right in time for Mother’s Day, too.

(That’s another *ahem* in case you didn’t catch that.)

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These are no ordinary Bluetooth speakers. They promise an impressive 10-hour battery life, splash-resistance that parents pretty much require, and of course fantastic sound, all in a manageable 9.7 ounce package.  But what’s really cool is the shake/tap functionality. Use it to activate smart features like playing, pausing, or skipping tracks without having to go back to your source (like your connected iPhone) to do it.

You can also connect with the free companion app (Android, iOS, and Apple Watch) and use the Beoplay P2 as an alarm, waking you up to the news — or maybe something a little happier.

Certainly something more musical than a ring tone.

The new Beoplay P2 speaker: We love everything it does!

It’s even designed to be compatible with Siri and Google Now voice commands, so it can function as a speakerphone or limited virtual assistant — perfect for parents who appreciate anything around the house that actually listens when we speak.

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Unfortunately I have yet to try  the speakers out myself — sad face — because they were just released. But considering it’s from the same maker of the Beoplay headphones I’m still coveting, the top-rated Beoplay wireless earbuds, and oh…every other amazing audio product that Bang and Olufsen makes, they’ve just sprung to the top of my Mother’s Day tech wishlist.

Find the Beoplay P2 Speaker for just $169 on the Beoplay website in three colors.