Looks like Ford took a cue from all parents everywhere who have been stuck driving their baby around in their car to get them to fall asleep, and built a baby cot that actually mimics that exact experience. (Well, for the baby that is. Thankfully).

The Max Motor Dreams makes it feel you’re driving a baby around, when actually, they’re just in bed and you’re binge watching Game of Thrones. As it should be, right? The phone app records your nighttime drive, and then when you’re back in your home, it uses that info to reproduce the experience with the cot.

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The cot has everything from a small speaker that helps produce the sound of the car, and the whole thing actually moves to help lull your baby to sleep like cards always seem to do. Plus, the LED lights give off the same glow as street lamps.

Granted, you won’t be able to get your hands on the Max Motor Dreams anytime soon, since they only created one as a pilot. But, it is nice to know that after all these years of parentsĀ feeling crazy driving their babies around in cars to sleep, someone finally listened and realized, well, we’re not that crazy after all.

(via CNET)


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