Imagine my surprise when I discovered the inactive SiriusXM radio in my car was suddenly blasting Channel 78 Kids Place Live again? Well, it turns out that it wasn’t a fluke. Now through the end of May, SiriusXM has automatically turned on all inactive radios, with no strings attached.

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That means you can catch up on news, your favorite 90’s songs (not just me, right?), and yes, listen to the segment featuring Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas that was the impetus for their new Wow in the World podcast on NPR that our kids (and us) are loving so much. You’ll get 100 free channels to enjoy wherever you last enjoyed your SiriusXM radio.

It’s a smart move on their part, because I’m already thinking about signing up for the service again and I’ve had it for all of one day. But even if you don’t, it’s a nice little treat, especially if you’ve got a Memorial Day weekend road trip on the books.

(Photo via Kids Place Live on Facebook)