While it was announced on May 30, a lot of parents still don’t know that the FTC announced refunds are now available for unauthorized in-app purchases on the Amazon Appstore. That means you, kids, and your itchy little in-app purchase-happy fingers.

This is all because the FTC decided that between November 2011 and May 2016, it was too easy for children to make purchases on Kindle devices using real cash, should it have been presented as “coins” or “lives” or “donuts” or whatever else that does not sound like “mom and dad’s actual hard-earned money that will be needed to pay for college one day.”

So easy, that as much as $70 million may be eligible for refunds. Whoa.

How to get refunds from your children's unauthorized in-app purchases | CoolMomTech.com

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How do you know if you have any money coming to you from any Amazon Appstore purchases? Visit the refund page on Amazon.com. Also, check your email (and your spam box) to see if Amazon has already notified you about potential eligibility.

NB: A child has to have made the unauthorized purchase to be eligible. Sorry, drunk frat boys who went a little nutty with the Simpsons game; you’re on your own.

Find more about FTC announcement about unauthorized in-app Amazon purchases, and log into Amazon and visit the refund page on Amazon.com to see if you might be eligible for a refund. Be sure to do it before May 28, 2018.

Top photo: Domas for Pixabay