Most baby board books aren’t, you know, rocket science. The ones I read to my four month old pretty much stick with friendly talking animals and geometric shapes, so I was a little surprised to discover the Baby University board books collection, which was designed to introduce the youngest kids to STEM concepts.

Just the basic stuff though, you know? Like Newtonian physics, general relativity, quantum entanglement, and rocket science.

Of course.

My first thought when I saw titles like Rocket Science for Babies or Quantum Physics for Babies was, slow your roll there, Science. My kid is still figuring out that his toes are, in fact, attached to the rest of his body. But the author of the series, physicist and father of four Chris Ferrie, believes exposing kids to advanced math and science concepts at a young age can help plant the seeds of adult aptitude. And hey, maybe just help develop interest in STEM in the first place.

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The Baby University series breaks down complex STEM concepts for young kids.

And don’t worry; you don’t need a PhD in quantum physics to read them to your kids. You’ll find totally age-appropriate imagery and language here: This is a ball! Gravity pulls the ball downward!

I think the series would make a fantastic baby shower gift for your favorite science-loving parents-to-be, or a cool little birthday gift for the toddler who has everything.

Everything except an understanding of the relationship between atoms and neutrons, that is.

Find Rocket Science for Babies,Quantum Physics for Babies, Newtonian Physics for Babies and the rest of the Baby University board book series at our affiliate Amazon or check your local indie bookseller.