If you’re like me, you probably have 6,782 photos sitting in your camera roll on your phone, hundreds of song downloads you never actually listen to, and tons of out-of-date unnecessary documents on your laptop. If that sounds familiar, you might be in need of a tech clutter intervention. But, don’t freak out. Instead, listen to Kristen and Liz discuss with Joshua Zerkel (from Evernote, you guys!) some really smart tips for organizing digital clutter.

These tips helped me so much, and are keeping me from getting overwhelmed and burning out. Like, I totally agree with Kristen that I’ve never looked back and said, “Ooh, I wish there were 100 more pictures from that same event.” Freedom to delete!

Listen to Spawned episode 77 for even more brilliant tips, and check out the links to everything they discuss over at Cool Mom Picks. Good luck cleaning!

Photo by Mikayla Mallek on Unsplash.