My family ditched cable a while ago, and now we rely on a variety of apps to watch shows and movies. It’s great, but there is one problem: the annoyance of knowing the one movie I want to watch, and having to search through every app individually to find it, that is until I recently discovered the iOS TV app, which replaced Videos in the 10.2 update on our iOS devices.

I knew it housed all the content I’ve bought or rented through iTunes, but when I found out it also serves as a master search engine for all my apps? Mind blown.

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The Search function in TV looks through pretty much all your apps to find that one show you’re looking for. No more opening up every single app and typing in the title. Such a game changer!

TV also keeps track of what you’ve been watching lately, on all your apps. If you’re ready to settle in bed with a your iPad for some binge-watching, start by tapping on Watch Now. It lists everything you’re in the middle of, which for me is a Hulu show I’m binging on, our latest episode of GoT on HBO, and Moana. That’s my daughter’s obsession lately.

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The TV store (i.e., the iTunes store) also recommends other streaming apps or shows you might be interested in, as well as actors you might want to see more from. I can tap on Mindy Kaling’s face and see every movie and TV show she’s in that’s on any of my apps.

The complete list of apps that work with TV is at the Apple site, so check to make sure the ones you use are there. The big glaring holes: Netflix and Amazon, which isn’t a huge surprise. But hopefully they can all make nice and make it easier for all of us to find what we’re looking for.

You will automatically have the iOS TV app downloaded on your iPad or iPhone when you upgrade to iOS 10.2. It’s also available for Apple TV (4th generation), whoo!


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