I admit, my decorating skills are limited, and I’m always worried about painting a room only to discover I really don’t like it, so I was intrigued to hear about Modsy, a website that uses your input and photos to help transform a room in your home into something totally Pinterest-worthy, thanks to their smart algorithms and real-life designers.

When I tried Modsy out on my son’s nursery, I was a little skeptical about the style test catching my eclectic taste (lots of animal art, not too gender normative), but I really, really loved the designs they came up with. Plus, they helped the nursery evolve into what will be a perfect bedroom for an slightly older boy while still keeping the original paint color.

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My son’s nursery now:

Modsy: Nursery redesign | Before photo

Modsy: Nursery redesign | Before photo

Modsy’s 3D rendering:

Modsy: Nursery redesign | After photo

Modsy: Nursery redesign | After photo

While the service is not free, the basic package is $69 per room, giving you a couple of designs, along with links to every product featured in your image, though the cumulative cost of all the items was way over the $1000 budget I’d given them for my redesign project. Bummer. And sure, you don’t have to buy what they recommend, but you know how it goes; you see a piece that looks great in your room that you want to buy it.

Working with a style advisor will cost you $199, which is still pretty affordable if you think about what it would cost you to have an interior designer come to your home.

Overall, if you’re someone with lots of ideas and you just can’t commit to a specific design direction, or the idea of design overwhelms you completely, this service could be exactly what you’re looking for. Just know that you might need to get a little creative (hello, Target?) to find some of the items they suggest, or similar items that you can afford.

Thanks to Modsy and my awesome designer Karina for letting me try out this service for free.

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