There are quite a few virtual decorating online resources that allow you to place your virtual furniture in your virtual home to get a sense of what it will look like. We’ve liked SketchUp, NousDecor, and even the awesome augmented reality decorating app from IKEA. But I don’t think I’ve had as much fun–and been more inspired to shop–as I have been playing around with FurnishUp, a brand new site in beta that describes itself as like playing with the Sims, only with real furniture from cool modern brands.

If you want to bypass the registration just to check it out (that bugs me too) visit and pop in your dimensions to recreate your space in 3D. It couldn’t be easier. Of course the fun part is adding furniture.

You can shop by item or by brand, and while the options are definitely limited right now as the site ramps up, I’m happy to see the inclusion of affordable favorites like CB2, IKEA, West Elm, Wayfair and Pottery Barn; along with higher end brands like Design Within Reach, Herman Miller, and even artwork from Society 6 and Fab.

Best of all, you can get a little more info on any given item, then click right to those retailers’ sites, should you have to have that Blu Dot desk this very second.

FurnishUp: Easy virtual decorating online with some very cool features


Get product info for redecorating projects right from the FurnishUp virtual decorating site

Comparing it to the other similar virtual decorating websites, SketchUp results are more like 2D comic illustrations, and NousDecor has phenomenal inspiration (more in line with Houzz) but you still have to imagine how it might all come together. FurnishUp, however, really makes your room look like your room, with pretty darn good renderings of your dream furniture. I could see using it along with NousDecor if you’re redoing the living room or bedroom.

One notable thing that’s missing however: Kids’ furniture. Hey! Let’s get on that. This would be a perfect tool for new parents who have to suddenly transform an office into a baby’s room in 6 months, or turn a room for one kid into a room for two kids. (Been there.) Maybe a little Land of Nod, Dwell, and PBK would be helpful?

That said, I can see FurnishUp being really promising. The technology is great and the nav is simple and intuitive. And geez, with all the online shopping we do for furniture these days, it would be so nice to know that no, that Barcelona Chair you’ve had your eye on won’t fit in your current space. Before you order it.

Visit for virtual decorating online, visit FurnishUp, which is still in beta