The season for humidifiers is upon us. Well, really, it started about two weeks ago for us with our first back-to-school cold. Ugh. So, to make sure I’m prepared for the next lovely virus my kids are sure to bring home, I found myself shopping online for humidifiers this weekend, which is when I discovered this fun color-changing humidifier at Urban Outfitters.

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This Bell and Howell humidifier could double as a nightlight, as it features a 7-color LED that rotates based on your setting. I appreciate the double-duty gadget; my kids would appreciate that it’s glowing all night long. Though don’t worry, you can turn off the light if you so choose. And, if you’re an essential oil lover, you can diffuse your favorites (so really, you’re getting three gadgets in one).

Long gone are the days of unsightly humidifiers, which is a nice treat for those of us who know they can really help keep everyone breathing a bit better during the colder months, but don’t necessarily want a gigantic not-so-attractive gadget in every room.

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