Home security has gotten really high tech lately, and we’re not talking about cameras. Smart locks are helping families stay safer. Whether you want to be able to check on the kids getting home from school alone, or let a neighbor in to water the plants while you’re away, take a look at these 3 smart locks you might have heard about that might just have you ditching keys for good.

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smart locks for families: Otto

Touting themselves as the safest lock on the market, Otto Lock (also at very top) has completely removed the key from the door locking process. For busy parents with their hands full, this system works great because anyone with your Bluetooth-enabled phone can unlock the door by simply pressing the Otto. You can also turn it manually or use a 4-digit code to get in.

And if your kids get off the bus before you get home or you need your neighbor to get in to feed the dog, you can open the door remotely via the Otto app. You can even give house guests temporary access to open the door themselves, which is helpful for when you’re away. This one looks gorgeous, but all that design comes at a price.

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Smart locks for families: August

From tech mags to customer reviews, people love the August Smart Lock system. The lock opens automatically as you approach your front door (with your phone on you), which makes it brilliantly easy to get in with a sleeping toddler or armfuls of groceries. You can also remotely unlock the door for anyone you want to let in, and it automatically locks behind you when you leave the house. One reviewer even pointed out that they can tell the history of who’s opened and closed the door on the app, so they can see when their kids sneak out to unauthorized parties. Ha! I will say, the thing looks a bit awkward to me, sticking out so far from your door. But the fact that it works with your existing deadlock is a nice perk, so the locks on the front of your door still match.

Smart locks for families: Amazon Key with Yale Assure

Kristen weighed in on the delivery aspect of the brand-new Amazon Key, which lets your courier drop packages off inside your house. The kit includes the Amazon Cloud Cam and your choice between Yale’s Assure Smart Lock (shown), Kwikset’s SmartCode 914, or the simple Kwikset conversion kit (which lets you keep your original deadbolt, but puts a smart panel inside the home). So, in addition to getting the assurance that your Amazon packages won’t get stolen, you also get all the smart-lock features. Considering how many packages are stolen around Christmastime in our neighborhood, plus the fact that the sheer number of Amazon purchases I make, this one makes a lot of sense to me. Plus, for a limited time, Amazon will pay for the professional installation for you. Whoo!