We’ve covered a ton of topics on our Spawned with Kristen and Liz podcast in 2017. From kids and social media to vagacials (yes, it’s a thing), we’ve had a blast chatting with each other, and our esteemed guests, about parenting and parenting culture. And we hope you’ve enjoyed listening.

So, we thought it would be fun to share our most popular Spawned podcasts in 2017 (based on downloads). Now, we know that many of you binge listen, so you might not have gotten to our most recent episodes just yet. But there are no awards for most downloads here. Just a little fun to end the year on a high note, and a small way for us to say thanks to our guests and you, our listeners, for subscribing and listening to us every week.

And hey, if you haven’t subscribed yet, now’s the perfect time. We’ve got almost 100 episodes to listen to, plus lots more coming in 2018.

10. How to talk to your kids about money, Episode 66 

This lively discussion with author Beth Kobliner about her book “How to Make Your Kids a Money Genius” helped us get our own kids on the right track (and got us thinking about our own finances too).

9. Kids and social media, Episode 71

We discussed everything from getting a kid their first cell phone to how to create a cell phone contract on this episode. We’re so glad this topic resonated with so many parents.

8. Confessions of a Class Mom, Episode 81

Our special guest Laurie Gelman chatted about her new book, and dished about ways we can all do a better job of supporting our own class moms (and parents).

7. Dr. Harvey Karp answers parent’s biggest sleep questions, Episode 68

It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, because when it comes to sleep, parents always have questions. We had a blast quizzing Dr. Harvey Karp with your questions (and ours too).

6. Better parenting through ignoring your kids, Episode 84

The new book, along with the advice, from Dr. Catherine Pearlman has been a lifesaver for us and so many parents we know.

The top 10 Spawned podcasts of 2017

5. Making science fun for kids, Episode 76

What a thrill to chat with our old friend Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz about their new Wow in the World! podcast for kids, along with ways to get kids excited about science.

4. 5 time organization tips from experts, Episode 70

In this episode, we covered 5 different ways parents can help find more time in their day, and shared which ones we’ve tried ourselves.

3. Why? Why? Why? Raising curious kids, Episode 80

Our kids were so jealous when they heard we had interviewed Molly Bloom, host of the popular kids podcast Brains On! She shares her insights on raising curious kids.

2. Man V. Child: Surviving the baby and toddler years, Episode 78

Our good friend and author Doug Moe had us LOL. What a treat to hear about parenting from a dad’s perspective.

1. How to get your kids to do homework, Episode 90

With her positive, whole family approach, it’s no surprise our episode with Katherine Firestone was our most popular of 2017. She shared thoughtful advice about how parents can support their kids’ school work.

Photos: Thought Catalog (top) and Teddy Kelly (middle) via Unsplash.

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