Ever since I switched to the headphone jack-less iPhone, I rarely ever use earbuds because I cannot keep Bluetooth earbuds charged. And please don’t ask me where I put the attachment that converts headphones to lightning. That is why I figured I might be the perfect person to try out the Apple AirPods, which I’ve been doing for the last week, after swallowing the hefty price tag.

And well, I can’t take them out of my ears. (Because I like them. Not because they’re stuck).

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Once I set them up with my iPhone, which literally took 10 seconds because you simply hold the case next to it, I was off to the races: listening to my favorite podcasts, making phone calls, even asking Siri to schedule reminders for me with a simple double tap. And no one ever asked me “Are you on your headphones?” because the sound is pretty impressive.

And there’s no wait for pairing. Just pull them out and pop them in your ears and you’re set, with easy transitioning between your gadgets, like my Macbook Pro, or your Apple Watch (well, not yours, but mine, but I don’t have one. Yet).

But my favorite part might be that they charge in the little case, which is easily plugged into any lightning charger. Ahhhhhhh. Whenever I get home, I just plug it back into our charging station and I’m set for the next day, which is reminiscent of their iPhone battery charging case which I dig as well. Simply open the case next to your iPhone to check how much charge you have.

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A bunch of people have asked me whether they’re comfortable, and I have to say that I totally forget that they are there. And while I haven’t engaged in any vigorous activity with them (unless you count chasing kids around), they’ve stayed put better than I imagined.

I suppose I owe an apology to Apple for mocking these when they first came out. For someone who is on a lot of phone calls all day long, and cannot seem to manage to keep earbuds charged, these have been totally worth the investment.