We always love looking for the most fun, geeky Valentine’s Day cards every year. After all, some of our favorite valentines are geeks!.¬† Whether they’re our kids or our sweethearts, we’ve put together some awesome geeky Valentine’s Day cards for those gamers, coders, chemists, and sci-fi fans whose less-than-3s will go pitter pat over these sentiments.

Vintage Mac and Floppy Disc Valentine’s Card¬† | The Rasilisk
For couples whose love goes way back.


Geeky Valentine's Day card for programmers or coders | Cool Mom Tech

Geeky Programmer Valentine’s Day Card¬† | Geek and Profane
Just your Basic Valentine’s Day card. Heh.

You Complete Me DNA Valentine’s Card¬† | Shop Gibberish
Can you ever have too many nucleotide jokes in your card collection?


XO Squared Geeky Math Equation Valentines Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

XO Squared Math Equation Valentine’s Card¬†|¬† The Bird and the Beard
I’ll show you tonight’s order of operations, baby.

Geeky Valentine's Day cards: 3-D game controller card

Game Controller 3-D Card | PopLove Cards
It’s not specifically a Valentine’s Day card, but it does say SCORE inside. Plus, it’s cool.


Geeky Harry Potter fan Valentine's Day card | Cool Mom Tech

Geeky Harry Potter Fan Valentine’s Card | Sparkly Ass Bitch
Love her¬†Last Jedi Valentine’s Card too.


Star Wars Yoda Valentine | Cool Mom Tech

Star Wars Yoda Valentine Card | Castle McQuade
Inside: “Love you, I do.”


Social Media Geeky Valentines Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

Social Media Valentine’s Card¬† | Drawing a Blank Cards
AKA I like you like you.

Dark side of the moon astronomy humor Valentine's Day card | Cool Mom Tech

Astronomy Humor Valentine’s Card | Worthwhile Paper
For astronomy fans.Or you know, Pink Floyd fans.


The perfect geeky Valentines Day cards from a gamer to their (other) love | Cool Mom Tech

Game Addict Printable Valentines Card  | Real People Goods 
The perfect card from a gamer to their (other) love

Mulder and Scully X-Files Valentine's Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

Mulder and Scully X-Files Valentine’s Day Card |¬† OTP and Son
The truth is out there…and it’s complicated.


You Turn Me On Geeky Valentines Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

Power Button Printable Valentine’s Card¬†| Curly Bracket Design¬†
To be clear: It’s a card from you, not the computer.


Personalized QR Code Valentine’s Card | Colorelish
This one says “I Love You” but it can reveal any message you want


Bill Nye geeky Valentine's Day card | cool mom tech

Bill Nye Valentine’s Day Card | Drunk Girl Designs
Billy Nye and a good pun? Irresistible!


Pretend chemistry element Valentines Card | Cool Mom Tech

Pretend Chemistry Va Element Valentine Card | Geek and Profane
No, Valentinium isn’t a new element but if it were, this description would be perfection.


Star Wars Star Trek mashup Valentine | Cool Mom Tech

Kirk and Spock Star Trek – Star Wars Mashup Valentine’s Card | Lolo2ology
Proof that Vulcans do have emotions. Sort of.


Geeky Gamer Love Valentine’s Card | Spade Stationery
For anyone who’s ever fallen asleep on Valentine’s night to the sounds of Halo in the living room. Sigh.

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