We always love looking for the most fun, geeky Valentine’s Day cards every year. After all, some of our favorite valentines are geeks!.  Whether they’re our kids or our sweethearts, we’ve put together some awesome geeky Valentine’s Day cards for those gamers, coders, chemists, and sci-fi fans whose less-than-3s will go pitter pat over these sentiments.

Vintage Mac and Floppy Disc Valentine’s Card  | The Rasilisk
For couples whose love goes way back.


Geeky Valentine's Day card for programmers or coders | Cool Mom Tech

Geeky Programmer Valentine’s Day Card  | Geek and Profane
Just your Basic Valentine’s Day card. Heh.

You Complete Me DNA Valentine’s Card  | Shop Gibberish
Can you ever have too many nucleotide jokes in your card collection?


XO Squared Geeky Math Equation Valentines Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

XO Squared Math Equation Valentine’s Card |  The Bird and the Beard
I’ll show you tonight’s order of operations, baby.

Geeky Valentine's Day cards: 3-D game controller card

Game Controller 3-D Card | PopLove Cards
It’s not specifically a Valentine’s Day card, but it does say SCORE inside. Plus, it’s cool.


Geeky Harry Potter fan Valentine's Day card | Cool Mom Tech

Geeky Harry Potter Fan Valentine’s Card | Sparkly Ass Bitch
Love her Last Jedi Valentine’s Card too.


Star Wars Yoda Valentine | Cool Mom Tech

Star Wars Yoda Valentine Card | Castle McQuade
Inside: “Love you, I do.”


Social Media Geeky Valentines Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

Social Media Valentine’s Card  | Drawing a Blank Cards
AKA I like you like you.

Dark side of the moon astronomy humor Valentine's Day card | Cool Mom Tech

Astronomy Humor Valentine’s Card | Worthwhile Paper
For astronomy fans.Or you know, Pink Floyd fans.


The perfect geeky Valentines Day cards from a gamer to their (other) love | Cool Mom Tech

Game Addict Printable Valentines Card  | Real People Goods 
The perfect card from a gamer to their (other) love

Mulder and Scully X-Files Valentine's Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

Mulder and Scully X-Files Valentine’s Day Card |  OTP and Son
The truth is out there…and it’s complicated.


You Turn Me On Geeky Valentines Day Card | Cool Mom Tech

Power Button Printable Valentine’s Card | Curly Bracket Design 
To be clear: It’s a card from you, not the computer.


Personalized QR Code Valentine’s Card | Colorelish
This one says “I Love You” but it can reveal any message you want


Bill Nye geeky Valentine's Day card | cool mom tech

Bill Nye Valentine’s Day Card | Drunk Girl Designs
Billy Nye and a good pun? Irresistible!


Pretend chemistry element Valentines Card | Cool Mom Tech

Pretend Chemistry Va Element Valentine Card | Geek and Profane
No, Valentinium isn’t a new element but if it were, this description would be perfection.


Star Wars Star Trek mashup Valentine | Cool Mom Tech

Kirk and Spock Star Trek – Star Wars Mashup Valentine’s Card | Lolo2ology
Proof that Vulcans do have emotions. Sort of.


Geeky Gamer Love Valentine’s Card | Spade Stationery
For anyone who’s ever fallen asleep on Valentine’s night to the sounds of Halo in the living room. Sigh.