We’re pretty excited about the Super Blue Blood Moon that should hopefully be visible in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. Fingers crossed! To celebrate, we’re thinking our STEM-loving kids would love to make this DIY Moon Calendar that will show them the phases of the moon any day of the week.

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Our friends over at My Modern Met have a full tutorial on how to whip up this free Moon Phases Calendar and Calculator from NASA. Looks like all you’ll need is your printer, along with some scissors, tape, and a brass fastener and your kids will have their very own moon calendar. Head over to their site to get the full tutorial. It’s easy, promise!

So the next time you’re wondering when the next lunar eclipse or supermoon will be, you can just pull out your very own moon calendar before you head to Professor Google.

(via Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth on Facebook, photo via My Modern Met)


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