Considering Disney has had their own wait time line trackers for years now, and now, thanks to my favorite travel app TripIt, you’ll be able to track real-time security wait times at the airport.

It’s a feature now available to Pro subscribers and it will automatically send you an alert three hours before your flight to give you a sense of how long the is, then offer real-time updates.

(I’ve written many times why I think a TripIt Pro subscription is absolutely worth it in terms of both keeping you organized and actually saving you money.)

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The new TripIt Pro feature lets you track security line wait times, real time! | Cool Mom Tech

Couple this new feature with the TripIt mobile alerts that suggest the best time to leave for the airport based on current traffic, plus gate change alerts that tend to hit my phone before the airline’s own alert does, and this app has really become an amazing time-saver.

Because let’s be honest, the only thing worse than getting to the airport early and ending up with 3 hours to kill (and 45 minutes of it spent at the Starbucks line), is getting to the airport late and realizing the security line weaves around the entire terminal.

For now the new TripIt security wait time tracker is only available for flights out of Orlando, Austin-Bergstrom, Denver and Phoenix. No doubt others will be joining shortly.

JFK next, pretty please.

TripIt is free, but sign up for TripIt Pro before your next trip and get a free 30-day trial. After that it’s $49/year or free for Concur users. If you’re a frequent traveler, I can’t recommend it enough.

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