Every year, we look forward to the NY Now show, where we discover some of the coolest new gifts and home decor on the market (or soon to be), like this gorgeous Bitmap Textiles line from Susan Kare. We’re thinking these would make a fabulous addition to any table.

You’re probably familiar with Susan Kare’s work without even knowing it, as she was a pioneer of early computer graphic interface design, like the fonts, icons, and visual elements for the original Macintosh OS. Ah, the memories.

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Bitmap Textiles napkins by Susan Kare | Cool Mom Tech

Keeping with her geeky background, this beautiful line of textiles was designed for the Jacquard loom, which is a computer-controlled machine, operated with punched cards. We love how well these patterns have been translated onto organic cotton, in the form of tea towels, placemats, coasters, napkins, all of which you can gift to a lucky geek, or person with great taste. Including you.