You know what’s just as easy as buying and send a a card but packs a whole lot more punch? Greetabl, a cool photo gift box that we’re so glad to have discovered, because sending a plain card for a big occasion like Mother’s Day can sometimes feel a little anti-climactic.

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Greetable photo gift boxes | Cupcakes and Cashmere collaboration

Greetabl is a cardstock box that’s printed with photos you upload, which is so perfect for the surprise gift of your choosing. And seriously, they have some awesome options, like a margarita lollipop, orchid facial oil, and something called “mouth party caramels,” which I’d never heard of before but now desperately need in my life. So you can definitely find the perfect treat for the mom you’re buying for.

Plus, the photos that come printed on the box are perforated, so that mom can tear them off and post them around her office or on the fridge. It’s a card and a gift, all in one lovely, personalized box.

Check out all the awesome designs and treats–like the Cupcakes and Cashmere Mother’s Day collaboration pictured above– at Greetabl. Good luck picking just one!