I fell in love with smartphone crossbody case back when Liz first raved about the Bandolier. Admittedly, I was pretty skeptical but the concept is brilliant, whether you’re wearing it for everyday use, or as a clutch alternative for night time, which you can do now that there seem to be a crop of pouches and bags popping up everywhere.

Whether you’re treating yourself, or looking for a Mother’s Day hint, here are a few stylish smartphone crossbody bags we’d love to be wearing over our shoulder.

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kate spade phone crossbody bag | Cool Mom Tech

Ooh, hot trend alert with this Kate Spade flower print crossbody case. We loved this print on her iPhone cases, and we’re digging it on this phone crossbody bag as well. I’m a fan of the gold chain on either end of the leather strap, which adds a little extra something without it feeling too blingy.

Baggu crossbody phone bag | Cool Mom Tech

We’ve been longtime Baggu fans, and their clever crossbody pouch is no exception. Unlike some of the others we’ve seen, this is a little more casual, which I appreciate, since that’s become my middle name lately. Check out the other colors too, if pink isn’t your jam.

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MZ Wallace phone crossbody bag | Cool Mom Tech

I worship at the altar of MZ Wallace, makers of my all-time favorite handbag. And while I’m not a super fan of the quilting on this crossbody phone bag I do know it’s pretty popular right now. I love that there’s room for credit cards, cash, and few other odds and ends that I like to carry when I’m out and about, making this more of a possible clutch replacement, except with your hands completely free.

Rebecca Minkoff phone crossbody bag | Cool Mom Tech

You can’t go wrong with basic black, though Rebecca Minkoff is hardly basic. There’s just enough silver chain detail on this phone crossbody bag to elevate this from simple to sophisticated.