I always say that when it comes to parenting, if I wasn’t laughing, I’d be crying. Maybe that’s why I love these funny Mother’s Day cards that you still might be able to grab before Sunday if you hurry, or in a couple of cases, download them. Yay 2018! And heck, even if they’re late, I bet she’d still appreciate them. Just make sure to give her lots of text and social media love to make up for it.

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Mother's Day card: That's how much you mean to me

A handwritten card is a Mother’s Day gift on its own, at least in our neck of the woods. (Fluid Ink Letter Press, Etsy)


Mother's Day card: The Mom Texter

We can’t help it. The mom texting joke is pretty much always funny. Until it’s about us, right? (Rowhouse14 on Etsy)


 Mother's Day card: Looks good on Facebook!

What? You don’t pick cards because of how they’ll look on someone’s Facebook page? How very 2009 of you! (Dyza Graphic, Etsy)


Mother's Day card: Instagram

See how nice this card is? You’re acknowledging how cool your mom is for having an Instagram account! (Muse LaLuna, Etsy)