I’ve become extremely diligent about using a moisturizer with an SPF that I slather all over my face and hands on a daily basis, but I had absolutely no idea that staring into my phone and computer could be causing skin damage. Well, that’s what researchers have just discovered in a recent study they conducted.

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Now, I actually have been wearing blue light blocking glasses on and off for awhile now (especially when I feel a migraine coming on), but after reading this study, I’m thinking that I might need to do something to protect my skin from HEV (high energy visible light).

The negative effects like speeding up aging to hyperpigmentation are from long-term exposure, but if you’re like most of us these days and are staring into a phone, tablet, or computer for many hours of the day, long-term could come pretty quickly.

If you head over to Domino, they’ve got some great suggestions, from special sunscreens (that include HEV protection) to phone covers, plus smart tips, like using Night Shift on your iPhone at night.

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