We featured Qwerkywriter waaaay back when they first launched, and wow, they’ve come a long way! They’re launching an upcoming campaign on Indiegogo for their new Qwerkywriter S Color that we are just dying to get our hands on.

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If you’re not familiar, Qwerkywriter is a Bluetooth keyboard that functions like others you might have seen, but with cool typewriter-type keys and scrolls (yes, remember having to do that?). It’s even got a built-in stand to house your tablet, so you actually get the feel of it being a typewriter, or as close as you would want to get to one in 2018. (Sorry, typewriters, I love you, but I can’t write a blog post on you).

You’ll have to wait for their Indiegogo campaign to launch in a couple of weeks to get your hands on one of the white, pink, or mint models, and then they won’t ship until next year. But hey, a little holiday treat for the cool person in your life who loves retro and new, all at the same time.