Since my brother introduced me to the VHS Camcorder app (by Rarevision) I haven’t been able to stop shooting videos. It makes everything look like it was taken with one of those gigunda 80s camcorders, complete with the date and time stamp, and static. Of course.

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There’s something awesome about this app beyond the nostalgia, probably because they’ve really thought of every single detail, from cheesy titles to the phony zoom lens, and yes, even the terrible sound quality. Clearly this is not the app to use to film your daughter’s high school graduation, but for an 80s or 90s themed party? Or the 14th kid’s play or choir concert you’ve been to in three months? Definitely.

How to use the VHS Camcorder app

Yes, there is a selfie option. Phew. (Ha)

You’ll find a few similar free apps like this floating around, but VHS Camcorder is definitely the original model, and worth paying for if you’re particular about your bad quality videos. Ha.

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