If your kids are anything like ours, they’ve got a phone up high on their holiday wish list. And as much as you want Santa to make them squeal, you also know that a smartphone is a huge responsibility that they might not be ready for just yet.

That’s why we’re so excited to welcome back our sponsor Relay, a screen-free smartphone alternative that allows parents and kids to stay connected without all the tough-to-manage distractions. Your kids will love the walkie-talkie like interface and cool features, and you will love that you’ll be able to keep up with them and give them the extra bit of independence they deserve.

So, we put together 10 reasons why you might need a Relay in your life, if you’re not already convinced that it’s a smart choice for your family.

1. They can listen to music on their own device. Ahhh, sweet freedom.

2. Press a button and they’re talking to the grandparents, all on their own.

3. You can teach them responsibility and independence, without raising your stress levels. Well, too much, anyway.

4. Those impromptu after school playdates that usually involve you group texting your contact list to track them down are suddenly non-existent.

5. You’re not stuck in that “They kind of need a phone. Should I let them have a phone?” limbo.

6. Just a click on the free Relay app on your phone to stay connected with them when you’re traveling for work.

10 reasons why Relay makes a great holiday gift | sponsor

7. You don’t want to yell “TIME FOR DINNER” 400 times because they can’t hear you.

8. You want to enjoy your freedom from monitoring text messages for a little longer.

9. They get the most important parts of having a phone, without you having to worry about the distractions.

10. So you are not that mom. You know who we’re talking about.

Thanks to our sponsor Relay for creating a gadget that kids and parents will love. With the newly launched pricing, Relay units are now $49 each, and available on Amazon.com.