With the holidays right around the corner, we’re always looking for ways to make this busy season easier and more enjoyable. For us, a little extra time and sanity goes a long way. And well, there is actually a gadget for that.

We’re thrilled to welcome back our sponsor Leviton, whose new Decora Smart Mini Plug-In frees you up so you can worry about more important things this holiday season than whether you left your Christmas tree lights on. This WIFI-connected gadget lets you turn your devices on and off, right from your phone. So awesome!

Here, we’ve rounded up 12 ways we think families can use this smart little gadget around their home during the holiday season, and well, all year long.

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How to use the Leviton Decora Smart Mini Plug-In to make your holidays more fun: Bring your Elf on the Shelf to life | Sponsor

1. Let your Elf on the Shelf turn the blender on and off and mystify your children.

2. A life saver when you don’t want to walk into a dark house at 11pm after your work holiday party.

3. Get help for that night you just want Fortnite time to be over. No nagging required.

4. Deal with the curling iron that your daughter always forgets to unplug.

5. Help because you can never remember to turn on the crockpot before you leave for work.

6. Make it look like someone’s home when they are really enjoying their holiday cheer sitting in a beach cabana.


From our sponsor

The Leviton Mini Plug-in WIFI connected plug | Sponsor

It’s pretty amazing how much you can do with the Leviton Decora Smart Mini Plug-In, for the busy holiday season, and every single season, really. Turn your gadgets on and off, right from your phone with the My Leviton app, all with just a simple tap. Or, activate commands with voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With the Mini Plug-in, there’s no more worrying about leaving your Christmas tree lights on or forgetting to flip the switch on your crockpot.

The sleek design gives you space for two plug-in outlets in a single receptacle, making it even easier to control multiple devices. And installation couldn’t be simpler. Just plug in your device and you’re ready to go. No new wiring required. Whoo!

Purchase the Leviton Decora Smart Mini Plug-In at your local Home Depot, or on Amazon.com


12 ways to use the Leviton Decora Smart Mini Plug-In to make your holidays easier | Sponsor

7. An end to asking yourself “Did I leave the Christmas tree lights on?” during their entire Christmas concert.

8. For all those holiday candle lights, in alllll those windows.

9. Bedtime lights out, without all the fighting and water requests.

10. A substitute for when you don’t have that fancy coffee pot that turns itself on.

11. Help for dogs who you always, unintentionally, leave in the dark.

12. Put it to use for mood lighting, after everyone’s in bed, finally. Enough said.

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Thanks to our sponsor Leviton and their new Decora Smart Mini Plug-In for helping us make our holiday season way more manageable.