We’ve all seen the late-night news exposés with hosts shining black lights in hotel rooms, and let’s just say we wish we could forget them. But now we have no reason to worry when we scrunch up next to our partners (and children, let’s be honest here) in our hotel bad. Cleansebot is a Kickstarter-funded smart bot that travels your hotel bed, sort of like a Roomba, killing all the germs between the sheets.

And hey, if you want one for your bed at home too, we won’t judge.

Cleansebot: The germ killing robot for your bed and kitchen

You just need to head over to their website to Cleansebot in action because damn, this is so brilliant. And it cleans more than beds, too. You can use it in handheld mode to clean your phone, your computer keyboard and even a cutting board. Pretty much anywhere bacteria grows, you can kill it with this awesome little gadget.

Visit the Cleansebot Kickstarter page for all the tech specs and a chance to get in early and get 65% off your first Cleansebot. And never worry about nasty hotel sheets again.