We’ve seen lots of different ways to organize your iPhone apps, and well, just when we thought we’d seen the best, we discovered this iPhone app organization method from Ian Stanczyk (above). It’s not necessarily the best, but certainly the funniest.

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It looks to be a play on the Seven Deadly Sins, along with a couple of millenialisms thrown into the mix. (So 9 deadly sins? Ha). And well, scarily enough, every app pretty much fits into one of those categories without trying very hard to make them work.

How to color code your iPhone apps | Cool Mom Tech

Color coded, but the names of the categories were not changed. THE WORST! 

Practical organizational method? Not necessarily. But definitely enough to confuse anyone who picked up or worse, stole your phone. And as Kristen recently discovered when her daughter color-coded the apps on her phone (above), an excellent way to cut down on your screen time because you can’t find a dang thing.

via Alex Rampell on Twitter

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