We know lots of folks have been cleaning up their social media feeds, which is why we had to share Tokimeki Unfollow, a twitter plug-in that allows you to Konmari your Twitter feed.

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Once you sync your Twitter feed with Tokimeki Unfollow, you will be asked to decide whether you want to keep, unfollow, or add to list for each of the accounts you follow (yes, it goes individually). You can also request to look at their bio if you can’t seem to remember who the people are or why you followed them in the first place. If you decide to ditch them, you’ll be prompted to thank them for the tweets you have enjoyed before (which, no, you won’t literally be promoted to reach out to thank them, but the very Konmari sentiment is appreciated).

How to use the Tokimeki Unfollow plugin to Konmari your Twitter feed | Cool Mom Tech

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Whether you’ve been wanting to do a little spring cleaning of your social networks, or just want to take a closer look at who you’re following, then I would totally give this a try. Granted, if you follow 10,000 people, this might take you awhile, but hey, maybe you can use this to cut that down a bit. Or a lot, depending on how ruthless you are.


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